Alternative Payment

This alternative payment link is a back up option which will only come into use should the need ever arise.

Please use the form below to make a direct payment to us. Enter your name, email address and
the payment amount in the fields below.

If when you click on the Continue button below you are not taken directly to the Barclaycard payment page please email us at or call us.


If you card is not authorised for any reason check you entered the correct name on the card, billing address, card number, expiry date and the last 3 numbers (CVV) security code on the signature strip
on the back of a Mastercard or Visa card. On a Amex card it’s the 4 numbers on the front of the card above the card number. If the card is not authorised contact your card issuer. It could simply be because it is not currently activated to make international payments which your card issuer can lift. A booking is not confirmed unless your payment has been received by us or we have agreed other arrangements.

If you are still having problems please contact us by email or phone as you may be able to pay by credit card or cash direct to the driver on the day of travel. 01865876699 /07585 699908

All airport prices are shown in the blue boxes below this form. If you would like to add a gratuity please add it to the journey amount you need to pay. (Average is from 5% – 20%).

Delete the example 1.00 and enter the amount you are paying without a currency symbol


You will be transferred to a secure Barclaycard payment page.